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how we can solve your saddle problems

How we can solve your saddle problems

When we talk to people who don't currently  ride a bicycle and we ask the them why,  the number 1 reason we hear is the saddle hurts ,  and frankly if the bicycle dosn't fit correctly or the saddle dosn't support  the pelvic shape correctly riding a bike can really be very uncomfortable.

Another common theme we hear from some folks is saddles are always a bit uncomfortable and that is just part of riding a bike  because that is the way the saddle has always felt to them so they assumed it was normal and everyone else had the same experience . Saddles don't have to hurt ! 

The good news is with the use of Saddle Pressure Mapping along with the huge change and variety of  saddle designs , provided the bicycle is sized  properly we can solve most peoples saddle problems .

things that have happen to be a pain free seat

there a few things that have to happen to get to a pain free comfortable saddle .

1.  the Bicycle needs to be the right size for the body , body's and  bicycles come in many different sizes they need to match  .

2. when  bicycle is the correct size it needs to be tailored to fit for most people  , so that the rider  is supported in a way that matches the their body dimensions , range of flexibility , muscle composition , injuries or asymmetries , type of riding , etc .

3. when a pelvic structure is matched to a new saddle , for most there is a few week period where the tissue needs to get use to a new area of pressure , it is not unusual to experience some soreness on that area , that said  , it should not  feel like there is  pressure on soft tissue or having it feel like you are sitting on a marble

4. there are some cases where we can not get a perfect match due to imbalances or changes  to a persons body do not allow them to support normally on a saddle or bicycle , in these cases we aim for a best as possible  solutions that make them a comfortable as we can .


the process of saddle pressure mapping

when we do a saddle pressure mapping session , we have several different processes depending on whether it is part of a bicycle fit , sizing or a stand alone service .

In a level 1 or 2 Precision fit we do the pressure mapping along with the fit  on the precision fit cycle changing saddles and positioning to create a complete match of body saddle .

On a Sizing with Pressure Mapping  we put the persons bicycle in the power meter resistance trainer and do the sizing and saddle pressure mapping together to find the right saddle and bicycle match .

On stand alone saddle pressure mapping  we put the bicycle in the power meter resistance trainer and look for the best map in a saddle  . NOTE if the bicycle doesn't fit correctly it will affect saddle pressure and we can only match as best as possible as the data  will be skewed .