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Saddle pressure mapping in action !

Saddle pressure mapping top view

Each saddle pressure mapping is about 5 sec long and each mapping  is stored on the home screen, we keep track of each one by labeling it so we can see what changes are made as we narrow down the saddle shape to match the pelvic shape .

the the top view allows us to look at what is happening from the perspective of looking down on  the top of the saddle, pressure is measured in millibars,  we can replay the mapping and also compare it with another mapping , in this case we have the beginning  saddle on the left and the final saddle on the right that we recommended , 


Saddle side view

the side view of the saddle allows us to another perspective , we can see how the weigh is distributed over the saddle , the black arrow is the center of weight 

saddle rear view

This rear view of the saddle allows the perspective of seeing what is happing on the saddle from the back, among other things ,  it gives data on how the pelvis is loading and unloading under pedaling load 

saddle view looking up from underside of the saddle

This is a fascinating view as it is from the perspective of the bottom of the saddle, it shows each individual pressure sensor in the cover and  pelvic structure is interacting with the saddle , in this screen we can move the cover around on the screen to get different angles of view 

saddle mapping data reports

Here we have the reports screen allowing the pressure sensor data to be looked at in the 3 quadrants, pubic bone, set bone left and set bone right  , there are lot of variables that affect  this data  and all factors from each view  need to be considered when evaluating saddle shapes