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where did saddle pressure mapping come from ?

a little back ground

Saddle Pressure Mapping  was developed by a German company called GeBioMized they came up with this technology in 2006 for research in the  bicycle industry .

The patent-registered methods of saddle-pressure measurement have been developed in cooperation with Dr. Claus Oehler (Sport Medicine Specialist, Augsburg) and with constant improvements taking  place based on studies conducted at M√ľnster University.

The Precision Fit software we use  is a very powerful program that has been customized to enhance  the data from  the GebioMized pressure pad to allow for more advanced views of the mapping process .

all bicycle saddle design from the 1870s to 2006 was developed off of peoples opinions and observations , some where better then others but with the introduction of Saddle Pressure Mapping  the world of saddle design and fitting saddles to the individual rider has been revolutionized !