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Bontrager Hardcase Puncture Resitant High Mileage Tires

Bontrager Hardcase Puncture Resitant High Mileage Tires

Bontrager Hardcase Tires
Hardcase Tire Bontrager
Hardcase refers to a specific Bontrager naming convention for their high-quality puncture-resistant tires. Hardcase tires have triple puncture protection and time and experience has shown that they indeed are extremely resistant to cuts, punctures, or otherwise. We've equipped a fair number of our customers with these over the years and notice that they tend to come back the least with flat tires. There is no way to completely prevent flat tires, and when we do see these tires get punctured, metal pieces are usually the culprit. The thorn weeds in the Lewiston/Clarkston valley can eventually work their way through, but if you catch them early enough you can pull them out before they puncture your tube.  Many people have reported their hardcases have gone for over 4000 miles without a single flat.

The only way to go farther with less flats is to go tubeless on your new road bike. We now have Bontrager tubeless road wheel systems that have unbelievable flat resistance. But for those of you who aren't willing to make the upgrade quite yet, these tires will serve you very, very well.