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Ortlieb Pannier Bags

Ortlieb Pannier Bags

Ortlieb Bags

Back Roller Plus Ortlieb Bag

 Ortlieb panniers:  Are you looking for a pannier that is easy to use; a pannier in which you can cram a lot of stuff and keep that stuff dry?  Then look no further than a pair of Ortlieb panniers.  Once you try Ortliebs, you will never look back.  We emphatically back these puppies, and for good reason.  While the initial purchase might make you wince, the superior quality and ease of use makes Ortlieb panniers the king of all panniers.  Handmade in Germany, Ortliebs are essentially a dry bag.  In addition to how easy they are to put on and take off your bike rack, Ortliebs come with straps so you can turn them into a bag and carry them around with you with ease.  In addition, there are a few accoutrements that you may purchase to make these bags even easier to use, such as backpack converters so that you may carry your wares from your bike to your back. 

Check out this video that shows how well the  system works.
ORTLIEB products are characterized by tightly sealed closure systems: for example roll closures, waterproof zippers, Velcro, or sliding seal closures. Many of the design features are patented and serve as the benchmark in the bike and outdoor market.  The bags themselves are completely waterproof.