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Rock "N" Roll Lubes

Rock "N" Roll Lubes

We carry two kinds of Rock "N" Roll brand chain lubes, the Gold and Absolute Dry Lubes.

The Gold Lube has shown itself to be great on mountain bikes.  Unlike other lubes that claim to be self cleaning, this one actually is.  Riding in the dusty September days up at Giant White Pine campground? Do lots of gravel road riding? Your chain won't care if it's properly lubed with RnR Gold. It might not look brand new after a long dusty ride, but it'll be pretty close. All our mechanics trust this lube the most for its dust-repelling characteristics. 

The Absolute Dry Lube is recommend by Rock N Roll for use on road bikes and we definitely concur.  What one wants to do with either a brand new chain, or one that has recently been  thoroughly cleaned is to drip this all over it, wipe off the excess and go ride.  Once this stuff dries it somehow does not attract any grit or dirt, staying clean. Go ahead, give your road bike what it wants.