Solutions for  common problems 

Seat Hurt ? 

One of the top reasons people don't ride their bikes is seat pain , it doesn't have to be that way , with the right fit and saddle shape you can  forget about the seat and enjoy the ride ,

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See how Saddle Pressure Mapping can work for you !

Saddle Pressure Mapping !

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Feet hurt ?

Numb toes , foot going to sleep , knee pain , hip pain , saddle pain , achilles tendon,, cramping , these are just some of the areas that can be affected by how the foot  is supported and positioned .

feet are a very important contact point, there are a number of  customized solutions  available to help you  ride longer , safer and without pain   

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Hands Hurt ? 

there's a lot we can do to help !

there is a lot that can be done to tailor a bike so that it matches your body,  one part  of this can be done with components that match your hand shape , wrist angle and shoulder width , the other is by changing  the weight between major contact points ( hands , seat & feet )  through the positioning  of the rider .to take pressure off the hands 

Bike Fit Solutions 

Precision Fit Level 1 

On your current Bicycle are you doing longer rides ?  training for an event ?  having seat or hand discomfort  ?

Looking for a new ride and want the ideal bike for your body, if so Level 1 is perfect for the Fit First approach which  will get the right fit and bike from the start !

Level one fit  is great way to improve your comfort and efficiently.

In this fit we use  31 body measurements and function tests  as the basis for correct positioning on the bike , then dial it in on the fit cycle , using Saddle Pressure mapping analysis and high speed motion capture analysis on front and left side of the body ,  once the fit finished you receive full documentation and we help set your current bike up as close as possible to the ideal fit .  

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See what happens in a Level 2 fitting 

Precision Fit Level 2

Having pain or medical issues affecting your cycling?

Training to place at that next event  or want to set a personal best ?

Want the most best bike fit for your body possible? 

Level 2 fit is our most accurate and detailed fit .

Depending on the clients needs , In this fit we can work with pain issues, improve performance output  and dial in the fit so that the bike matches the body as close as possible. 

Level 2 expands on the Level 1 fit  and uses over 65+ body measurements, 360 degree high speed motion capture analysis  captures all 4 sides of the rider , ,Saddle Pressure Analysis, Insole Pressure Analysis is used and power analytics as necessary , full documentation is provided and fit work is guaranteed .

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See what happens in a Level 2 fitting 

Observational Fit 

Bicycling shouldn't  be uncomfortable !

If we rang a bell  for everytime someone  said  " my xxxx hurts but that's just part of cycling , right ? "  we would probably be deaf  by now

Most bicycles are made in frame sizes , provided you have approximately the right size , the bicycle can be tailored ( adjusted ) to fit your body .

In an Observational Fit , we put your bicycle in an indoor trainer make sure it is level, then using the landmarks on the body,  position the bicycle so you are supported correctly according to your body's flexibility and shape , this is accomplished  by setting the seat height , the fore and aft and positioning the handlebars so you are supported comfortably. this is documented  in a fit program called Pure Position  and the  X/Y measurements are emailed to you .

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Observational fit + Saddle Pressure mapping 

A saddle that hurts takes all the fun out of riding a bike, every pelvic structure is unique , on the bicycle it is a major contact point so it is  best to have a good match .

Saddle Pressure Analysis technology (P.A.T)  is a very powerful tool that allows us to see what is happening between the riders pelvic structure and the saddle while riding  , it has radically changed the way saddle manufacturers are designing saddles .

when we use  Saddle P.A.T , it  provides a lot a data to work with , this information makes finding a correct saddle shape much easier,  having the right shape of  saddle affects the fit on the bicycle , the fit on the bicycle also  affects weight distribution  on the saddle  , so bicycle fit and saddle fit affect each other, this is why it is best to work with both bike fit and saddle fit  together,

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