How to choose a Bicycle

Step 1.  Find the type of  Bike that best suits you, there are so many choices and options , the easiest way is to stop by and talk to us, we have guided  many thousands of  people to the perfect match , another way is to use  Treks online Bike Finder or Electra's online Bike Guide .

Step 2. Get the right frame size for you  , getting the wrong size can ruin your cycling experience , we use the Trek Digital Fit Station , the Fit Station takes your photo and then we set a couple measurement parameters and it calculates your individual bike size or sizes,  we have 3 certified Precision Fitters on staff to consult with for cases where special accomodations need to be considered due to body limitations, restrictions or you fall between frame sizes and professional judgment call is needed.

Step 3. Once you have the correct size with the purchase of the bicycle we include an Observational Fit (without X/Y documentation) , this is where the bike is matched to you ,  we use the landmarks on the body to set up the bike so the contact points, hands, feet & seat are adjusted to for you , then you are ready to ride !

Most Popular Bikes 

the #1 most popular bikes in each type 

Kids Bikes 

it starts here , the feeling of freedom , the stretching of imagination , the joy of discovery , having a great time on a bike can affect the rest of your life !

Sizing and fitting kids bikes

Trek & Electra Kids Bikes

Strider & Balance Bikes

B&Ls Kids Bike Trade up Program

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes 

Have you tried one recently ?

The technology, design and reliability has arrived !  

bicycling  is so much fun when you can make the hills and wind go away if you wish .

Stop by for a test ride today , we dare you not to smile ! 

A quick guide to  What is an E-Bike ? (by Bicycle Legend Gary Fisher ) 

See E-Bike's we carry Here

E-Bike maintenance and system details  




Round the world , a week long tour ,a day ride on the palouse ,  these  bikes are up to the challenge of wherever your dreams take you 

See Treks Adventure & Touring Bikes

See Treks Cyclocross Bikes  

See Treks Gravel Bikes

Road Bikes 

incredibly fun ! using your energy  to roll down the road as easily and efficiently as possible 

See Treks Road Bikes

See Treks Triathlon Bikes  

Watch Domane SL Story 

Watch Emonda SLR Disc Story 

Watch Madone 9.0 Aero Road Story

Pre-Owned Bikes 

we have constant , ever changing selection of quality pre-owned bikes , come check them out!