B&L Service Center

You have a bike you love to ride or a bike you need to ride, now what? Whether you’ve invested a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in a bicycle you want it to keep running for as long as you need it. Right? Whether it’s not enough time, the right tools, or knowledge; poor bike maintenance shouldn’t keep you from riding. We believe we can save you money, time, and frustration and get you riding happy by putting your bike in our hands. You can count on our highly trained technicians to make sure your bike is working well and that you know how to keep it that way.

Service packages Intro

Our service packages bundle together common work and include preventative maintenance. They are designed to save you money and worry so you can enjoy your ride.

Essential Maintenance

This is the essential maintenance your bike needs to stay running smooth.


  • -Basic bike wash
  • -Minor wheel true and hub adjustments
  • - Adjust front and rear shifting
  • -Adjust front and rear brakes
  • -Pick 3: F/R brake pad install, install chain, F/R tube-tire install. Part not included.
  • -Every bike gets a safety check.

Complete Tune with Ultrasonic Clean

Our most popular tune! Protect yout parts with our deepest clean. Includes everything in the Essential Maintenance plus:


  • -Drive train components are removed and get an ultrasonic clean to remove all dirt.
  • -Major wheel true and hub adjustment
  • -Bottom bracket inspection
  • -Includes all options from the essential maintenance (F/R brake pad, F/R tube-tire install, chain)
  • -Pick 3: F/R shift cable-housing install, F/R brake cable-housing install, bar tape or grip install.
  • -Every bike gets a safety check.

The Works

You love your bike, and with the works you can show it. This is our most extensive tune. It includes everything in the complete tune as well as:


  • -We extend the ultrasonic cleaning to shifters (hand detail on hydraulic and electronic components).
  • -Headset inspection and adjustment.
  • -Includes installation of any and all component.
  • -Frame inspection
  • -Every bike gets a safety check

No matter the bike, we are the experts

Just like cars bikes need regular service to keep them in tip top shape. Whether you are an occasional recreational rider, a weekend road/mountain warrior, a daily commuter, or an IronMan we’ve got your back! Check out the recommended service intervals for your bike/riding style here.

Electric Assist Bikes

The E-bike revolution is here but did you know that e-bikes need special service? Everything from firmware updates to e-bike chains, we know what your e-bike needs and are here to help you protect your investment.

Older Bikes

There have been countless different styles and designs of bikes over the years and knowing the specifics or working on all those bikes can be challenging. B&L Bicycles has the knowledge and experience working older bikes and we want your favorite bike running for years to come.

Mountain Bikes

Have a mountain bike? Awesome! Did you know all that cushy suspension needs regular service? That forks need to to be cleaned/lubed? Hydraulic brakes need bleeding? We are experts on mountain bike service.

Road Bikes

Technology has changed the road bike world. Everything from suspension systems to disk brakes, your road bike has its own special needs. Bring it in and let us handle all the details!