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 Trek Lush 2012 16.5
Trek Lush 2012 16.5

We have a (new) 2012 Trek Lush on sale--we marked it down from its original $2,199.99 to make space in our store, but don't worry, this bike is still amazing. The Lush is a women's specific full suspension mountain bike. This particular model has 26" wheels for those shorter riders who want more… [more]

Trek 7.3 FX
Trek 7.3 FX - 2015

The Trek FX bikes are designed to have a lot of road bike quickness but with a slightly larger tire and a mountain bike style handlebar for people who don't like the drop handlebars. These bikes are fast, light and efficient. The 7.3 FX in particular comes with very puncture resistant tires (Great… [more]

Trek Domane 2.0
Trek Domane 2.0 - 2015

The Trek Domane has become the B&L staff's favorite road bike. The Domane, in recent years, has come to set the standard for vertical compliance (how smoothly it rides on the road). This bike boasts a slightly longer wheel base and a lower bottom bracket which makes for a very stable riding… [more]

Trek Emonda SL 6
Trek Emonda SL 6 - 2015

The Trek Emonda series is a new series of road bike for 2015 from Trek. Trek's goal for the Emonda series was to have the lightest bike at each price point, but not so light that if you weigh more than 160 pounds the bike would not hold up underneath you. The Emonda 6 weighs just a hair less than… [more]

Trek Farley

The Trek Farley 8 is Trek's premiere Fat Bike. It has the new 1x11 drivetrain for shifting simplicity and if high volume low pressure tires are not enough for you, it also has a Rock Shox Bluto fork. We currently have one of these in the 21 inch frame size. [more]

Trek Farley
Trek Farley

We currently have on 2014 Trek Farley in the 17.5 inch size. Normal price on this was $2499.99, we have it on sale for $1999.99. [more]

Trek Farley 6
Trek Farley 6

For 2015 Trek has a new entry level fat bike they call the Farley 6. It is an aluminium frame with a rigid fork and a strong parts spec that includes hydraulic disc brakes. Lighter than the Surly Pugsly. [more]

Trek Lexa SL C
Trek Lexa SL C - 2015

The Lexa SL is Trek's intermediate aluminum road bike for women. It features the durable Shimano Tiagra shifter/derailleur system that will last multiple thousands of miles. Other features are the Hardcase puncture resistant tires and the tubeless ready wheels, which allows a person to upgrade to… [more]

Electra Cruiser 7D Ladies
Electra Cruiser 7D Ladies - 2014/2015

This is a modern cruiser with over twenty years of refinement built in to improve the ride experience. You’ll notice the difference with Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology® combined with custom bend handlebars. Electra's Flat Foot technology allows a person to put both feet on the ground… [more]

Trek 7.2 FX WSD
Trek 7.2 FX WSD - 2015

The 7.2 FX WSD is designed to have the lightweight and responsiveness of a road bike but with the comfort of a city bike. Strong wheels and tires make this bike an excellent choice for someone who wants to ride on a consistent basis. [more]

Trek Lexa C
Trek Lexa C - 2015

The Lexa C is Trek's entry level road bike for women. It uses a special womans' handlebar and saddle, as well as a frame fit with woman in mind. This year the Lexa comes with a carbon fiber front fork to dampen vibrations on the front end a bit more. This is a great way for some to get into the… [more]

 Trek Crossrip Comp
Trek Crossrip Comp - 2015

This year's Crossrip Comp has impressed us with its versatility and quality, especially at this price point. You can take the Crossrip Comp to the cyclocross track one weekend, put some serious road miles on it the next weekend, do an all day gravel grinder, and ride it around town with a rack,… [more]

Trek Domane 4.1
Trek Domane 4.1 - 2015

The Trek Domane has come come to be known as perhaps the smoothest riding bike on the market. The Trek Domane 4.1 is the first carbon Domane in the lineup. Using the carbon allows the designers to engineer even more vertical compliance into the frame vs an aluminum frame. [more]

Trek Speed Concept
Trek Speed Concept - 2011

The Speed Concept is Trek's premiere Triathlon bike. We have one left over from 2011 that needs to find a home so we have it marked down significantly. [more]

14 Results