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say goodbye to a sore saddle !

Say goodbye to saddles that hurt .

Finding the right bicycle seat can be very complicated due to the many variations in human pelvic shape, tissue layup, routing of nerves and arteries, muscle composition and balance, flexibility, etc.

Until the introduction of saddle pressure analysis technology   it was impossible to see how an individual’s pelvic structure was interacting with a saddle, finding a good saddle fit was the result of random luck or often much trial and error, many folks never did get comfortable on a bicycle seat and stopped riding because frankly they found cycling to be painful form of exercise.

Using the new technology we can see what is happing between the rider’s pelvic structure and the saddle this allows us to find shapes that match and support correctly, taking the pain out riding on a bicycle seat!

We are only store within a 200mile radius to invest in this technology, we stock over 135 unique saddle shapes, we guarantee our fit work. If you or someone you know is experiencing saddle pain come see us, life is too short to miss out on the fun of cycling.

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B&L Bicycles Named on of the Best Bike Shops in the Nation


B&L Bicycles was named one of Amaricas Best Bike Shops for 2015 by the National Bicycle Dealers Assocation .

There are approximately 4,000 bike shops in the United States, and fewer than 300 were chosen to be named “America’s Best.”

The shops were asked to fill out a detailed application describing what sets them apart from the average retailer. Mystery shoppers then evaluated the business in more detail by visiting the store, reviewing our website, and contacting the shop by phone to assess the performance from a consumer’s perspective.

The program is designed to help consumers find great stores in their areas that will provide the expertise and professionalism they need to get the most benefit from cycling.

The recipients of the America’s Best Bike Shops title not only offer great shopping experiences, but are also rated on their support for their communities, as well as support for bicycle advocacy both locally and nationally.

We are excited to be chosen by the NDBA for this honor!